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Please read the following carefully as signing this rental agreement signifies that you agree to the stated terms and conditions:

1.    The Tvan weekly charge is from $915 + $130 per extra day for part week. Hires of 4, 5 or 6 days are $140 per day, GST and insurance included. Security deposit of $2,000 is payable at or before pickup. Our hire Tvans have a 2 x 105AH battery, solar panels, on board battery charger, 240v & 12V power and 108L water tank.

2.     The rental fee for long weekends is $490 -pickup Friday evening, return Monday evening; and  mid week hires are also possible.

3.     A booking fee of 25% of total rental must be paid before any rental agreement will be confirmed.

4.     Full payment of the rental fee must be made 30 days prior to the “hire start date”.

5.     Cancellation fee: full refund if more than 90 days notice, half booking fee refunded if less than 90 days and more than 28 days, forfeit booking fee if less than 28 days, applies to anyTvan rental agreement.

6.     The minimum and maximum age of any hirer must be between 25 years and 75 years.

7.     The minimum and maximum ages of any person driving a vehicle towing any of our Tvans are 25 and 75 years respectively and they must hold a legal Australian driver’s licence.

8.     Only people nominated on the rental agreement are permitted to tow any of our Tvans.

9.     At the end of the rental period the $2,000.00 security (less any costs for cleaning, repairs, or insurance excess) will be refunded within 7 days of the date Tvan is returned.

10.  The Tvan must be returned to the pick up depot on or before the “return date” of the rental agreement.

11.  The Tvan must be returned in a clean condition or a cleaning fee of $250.00 will be charged.

12.  Recovery of the Tvan from any other place other than the pick up depot  will result in a charge of $250.00 per day plus recovery costs.

13.  The cost of repair of any damage (outside an insurance claim) is the responsibility of the hirer and must be reported to Outback NSW Tvan Hire 0428887360  before any repair can be authorized and undertaken. Failure to do so could result in alternate and/or further work being undertaken at the hirer’s expense.

14.  Any tyre repair or replacement is the responsibility of the hirer and the tyre replacement must be approved by Outback NSW Tvan Hire. Failure to do so could result in an extra charge for the supply and ftting of an approved tyre at a later date.

15.  Negotiation of any extension of the rental period can only be made if the Tvan is not already booked by another hirer.

16.  Any unauthorized late returns will be charged at $250.00 per day.

17. All Tvans are insured by Outback NSW Tvan Hire, but in the event of a claim being made, there is an excess fof $2000 payable by the hirer. Insurance does not cover recklessness or malicious damage.

18.  It is a condition of hire that there will be no smoking in the Tvan- failure to observe this will result in a cleaning and airing fee.  WE also have a NO PETS Policy.

19.  The following are NO GO areas; any beaches or island where exposure to salt water may be likely; any areas where the Tvan will be  immersed in salt water/ fresh water or muddy area where the emersion level will approach wheel bearing caps;  any overgrown, closed-in or narrow tracks which may cause abrasion to the side panels. 

Any varaition to NO GO areas must be agreed by Outback NSW Tvan Hire in writing / email BEFORE departure.  Disregard to these exclusions will very likely result in damages that the hirer will be liable for.

20. Tvans are equipped with a tracking device system for theft protection, customer safety & rental agreement validation.  The hirer consents to the tracking information being stored by Outback NSW Tvan Hire- the tracking device must not be disconnected or tampered with in any way.

21.  Must adhere to the speed limit with 110km/p/h the maximum in all states.  Must be the REGISTERED OWNER of 4WD tow vehicle.


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